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Your curiosity in this website tells me that you are interested in the processes of human change and healing

Read on. Perhaps you are wanting to experience a relationship of honesty, insight and support. Perhaps you are looking for a nudge that will help you break certain patterns that are interfering with important spheres of your life, such as your primary relationship, work, friendships, community and/or children. If you find yourself nodding your head, keep reading. You came to the right place to seek help.

Over the course of my career, I have gained experience helping individuals face a wide range of issues, including:

- chemical dependency (alcoholism, drug abuse/addiction, codependency)

- couples counseling (communication difficulties, conflict resolution, emotional intimacy, parenting, financial clarity, divorce)

- forgiveness counseling (addressing internal and interpersonal suffering, such as feeling victimized and resentful, stuck and unable to control people, places and things)

Please feel free to schedule an appointment, or phone me with any questions you might have. I welcome your curiosity and interest in seeking a different way to experience your life.

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